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You are on this page means you’ve already made a decision to sell your car to get good cash for cars services in Perth. You are on the right webpage. Cash For Cars Removal Perth is a reliable source for getting top cash for cars Perth services. We offer our cash for cars services to car owners of all types. Whether you are selling your car just because it is old, whether you are selling it because it is accidental or sitting idle in the garage for a very long time we will buy it from you. Even if you have unwanted cars in not proper running condition, we will still buy them.

Why Cash for Cars Removal Perth is DIfferent From Others?

Unlike individual buyers, we don’t have preferences in buying cars. Individual buyers look for their favorite model, make and most importantly, the running condition of the car. They don’t buy anything that doesn’t run on the road in good condition. The reason is that they want to buy the car to keep it for a long term. However, we buy a car to wreck in the wrecking yard.

Strike off the websites that play the middleman in cash for cars transaction. Why pay middleman a commission when you can directly sell your unwanted cars to us. Being the leading car wreckers Perth, it is our duty to send the best car experts to you to examine and evaluate the cars for you. They represent the company and don’t take extra charges or hidden charges from you.

Having years of experience evaluating cars, trucks, vans, 4wds and 4x4s, our car experts know how to correctly evaluate the vehicle. They pitch the genuine offers to the car sellers.

Cash for Cars

Instant Cash for Cars Perth

Our car experts when visiting seller’s location and offer top cash for the seller’s car, they make an instant offer after evaluating the car. If the car seller agrees with the price offered by our car experts, then he gets paid on the spot by our car expert. You don’t have to wait for days to get cash for cars in Perth WA from Cash for Cars Removal Perth. You get it instantly from our car experts.

Free Cars Removal Perth

Once you get instant paid for your scrap cars, our car experts initiate the free car removal process and assist you in the legal paperwork required for the process. Sellers that sell their cars to us get free car removal in Perth from Cash for Cars Removal Perth. Other cash for vehicles companies do charge for removing vehicles from seller’s location to their wrecking station. With us, you not only get top dollar for your car but also get your money saved using our junk car removal Perth services. The car collecting trucks we have are large enough to transfer away from the vehicle of any size from seller’s location to our wrecking yard.

The Best Car Wreckers Perth

When it comes to calling the best car wreckers in Perth, people call us. Reason being that we do our duty toward the environment also. The scrap vehicle we buy from the sellers is disposed of off using the environmentally safe methods. When the car goes into the wrecking station, the scrap metal is generated, which is sold to the industries that need scrap metal from unwanted vehicles as a raw material. The unwanted scrap is used instead of new metal. This process alone saves tons of metal every year. And, this process begins with your decision of selling your vehicle to us. We give cash offer from one side to the seller and save the environment from the other. It’s a win-win for all.

Car Wreckers

Genuine Car Parts Perth

Cash for Cars Removal services in Perth are undoubtedly provided by us. Apart from this, we also provide high-quality, genuine, used and affordable auto parts in Perth. This is our another initiative toward a sustainable environment as these car parts worth more than the scrap metal. And, they should be used as they are. Being in the perfect working condition, these parts don’t deserve to go in the wrecking machine. This is another step to save people’s money and metallic resources. People who wish to improve their car’s performance or replace an older part, buy these used parts to give a new life to their vehicle. We have truck parts, 4×4 parts, 4wd parts, car parts.

Cash for Cars Removal Perth offers a complete solution to the people who want to:

Get rid of their Old unwanted vehicle in an easy, quick and dependable way

Get top cash for cars in Perth in one day

Get best car wrecking service in Perth

Buy used, affordable, but genuine car parts in Perth

You may get offers from other companies that are maybe more than what we offer, but a licensed company will provide you genuine plus top cash for car offer. And, Cash for Cars Removal Perth company is licensed company.

Stay away from the fraudulent companies as they don’t follow legal procedures in any of the transactions. This might get in your trouble later on. As a licensed company, we follow legally in all our transactions in Perth.

Our easy and quick cash for cars Perth process just takes a day. Right from our car experts visiting your location to towing your vehicle away and giving you cold hard cash for your car all happens in a day. You schedule the time as per your convenience. Our car experts will visit you then.

If you want a free quote over the phone, we can give you that as well. Just give us a call and tell us specifics of your car. We can give you a quote instantly over the phone. If you want a visit later on, that is also available.

Accident Car Removals

When you contact us for your accident removals, we will make sure that you get a quick removal and top cash the same day. Selling your car is easy with us.

Scrap Car Removal

Your needs for instant cash for scrap car removal are met to the best at Cash for Cars Perth. We accept all makes and models of cars for car removal service.

Used Cars Buyers Perth

Want top cash for cars? Cash for Cars Perth is the right place to come to. Our engineers estimate the best cash offer for your used car. Get in touch to know more.

Cash for Trucks

Cash for cars Perth can give you top dollar for your used/damaged/scrap truck. Our free truck removal services are available across all suburbs of Perth.

Cash for 4WDs

We are licensed and authorized 4WD buyers in Perth WA. We buy 4WDs of brands such as Toyota, Nissan, Honda, Mitsubishi, Hyundai, Kia and more.

Cash for Scrap Cars

We buy scrap cars & offer top cash once our experts are done with the inspection. We, the leading car removal company, also offer car removal services in Australia.

Cash for Old Cars

Do you have an old vehicle in your garage? Turn it into hard cash. Contact us now and we will give you an instant quote for it. Sell your old car, get cash, buy a new one!

Cash for Unwanted Cars

Cash for cars Perth is always up & ready to give you the best price for your unwanted car. Contact us today & our experts will pay a visit to you & pay top cash for cars.

Cash for Cars Perth

Cars of all makes and models, age and condition are purchased at Cash for Cars Perth. Rusty, Damaged Toyotas, Nissans you name it, all are acceptable here.

Junk Car Removals Perth

Rusted cars sitting idle in your garage are dangerous for the people around and as well as for the environment. Get rid of them asap and turn it into usable scrap metal.

Sell Your Unwanted Cars

If your car is unwanted to you, sell it before it’s too late. We pay cash for cars for unwanted vehicles. Call us & our experts will pay you a visit to look into your car.


We are the best-licensed car removal service providers you can get in Perth WA. Our services are tried, tested, and trusted by many. Because we offer top cash for car offers to the sellers, they love to come to us to sell their car. Get an instant quote from us today and if you agree to the price, get paid the same day.


Extremely happy with the fast car removal services. Received the maximum cash in return. Personally recommended to all.

Lucy Smith

Towed my junk truck away from the home in a hassle-free manner. Really thankful for giving me the absolute cash for my truck.

Andy Jones

Fast & same day car removal services. Gave me the agreed price and took away my damaged car in no time. Thank you guys!

Cary Watson


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