1. How can I sell my old car?

To sell your old car, simply make a call on 0434 056 373 or email us at info@cashforcarsremoval-perth.com.au. You can also send us some pictures of your old car and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

2. Where to sell my damaged vehicle?

When it comes to selling a damaged vehicle, don’t look anywhere and come to us. Our car removal services are available all around Perth. With us, everything will be hassle-free and one will be paid instantly.

3. Do I have to drive to your location?

No. We will take responsibility to collect your car wherever it is located in Perth. All you need is to tell us time and location that suits you best. You don’t need to go anywhere as everything will be done as per your convenience.

4. What kind of vehicles do you buy?

Being a reputed car removal agency, we deal in the purchase of all vehicles, regardless of condition. No matter, what model, make, age, and condition of a vehicle is, we buy all. We buy brands such as Toyota, Ford, Nissan, BMW, Suzuki, and Hyundai and more.

5. How do you value my vehicle?

We value every vehicle. Being a professional car removal expert, we remove all kinds of vehicles and provide the price based upon the vehicle’s condition. To make a valid and fair offer for your vehicle, we require important details of the vehicle. Even, we visit your premises and examine the car without additional charges. The cash price provided by us is fair and maximum as per the market trends.

Note: If the cash price we offer on the vehicle after an assessment is not accepted by the customers, we will either re-negotiated or leave without any costs or charges. Also, we offer a quote on customer premises.

6. Why should I sell my car to you?

Cash For Cars Removal Perth is a reputed car removal agency situated in Perth, Western Australia. We are kind of buyers with whom you don’t have to wait long or for another buyer. We assist you on the spot for your old vehicle and after a thorough examination, we will pay you money you are satisfied with. We are the certified vehicle buyers who aim to buy vehicles of absolutely any make, model, age and condition. Once you start doing business with us, you will get great peace of mind and we are ready with 24 hours service.

7. Will you remove my car for free?

Yes, we do. We assist our clients with absolutely free car removal service. No matter, which location you are in, we offer you a reliable car removal service around the clock. Just give us a call to schedule our car removal service as per your convenience.

8. How long will the car removal take?

We are always ready to assist you with car removal services around the clock, 365 days a year. Pick up your phone, call us, and schedule the removal today. After your call, we will be there within minutes and remove the vehicle in a hassle-free manner.

9. When will I get paid?

We are the professionals who make cash payment right on the spot. With us, you don’t have to wait at all as we took 10 to 15 minutes to complete the whole car removal process. Additionally, all your paperwork will be managed in a matter of minutes and provided with a fair value in your pocket.

10. I am ready to sell my car. What do I do now?

That’s great. Make a call on 0434 056 373 or mail us at info@cashforcarsremoval-perth.com.au and share all the details of your vehicle. With us, you will definitely get a free quote from our car removal experts in a few minutes. Schedule our car removal service as per your convenience.

11. What documents do I need to have?

If you are selling a vehicle to us, then you need to carry a few documents with you. The title of your vehicle, your own identification i.e. a valid driver’s license or passport, and vehicle registration document as well. Don’t be panic, if you don’t have any of these documents. Just let us know about this and we will make you ready for any document.

12. How do I get a quote?

Pick up your phone, make a call on 0434 056 373 and get the free quote right away.